Focus on the environment we develop reusable products with great durability, the use of Granules Duraço is in compliance with the norms ISO 140000.

Our products are used in the process of heat steel treatment.


See examples of the use of granulates for 1020, 1045 and 4140 steel testing.



Temperature Austenitizing


Steel 1020 925ºC 30-35min
Steel 1045 845ºC 30-35min
Steel 4140 845ºC 30-35min


Cementation: The processes of carburizing pack, gas or salt bath can be used. The temperature should be between 900 – 925 ° C. The carburizing time must be controlled according to the specified carbon potential and depth setting. The cementation must be followed by the beneficiation.

Tempering: The process consists in heating the steel in an oven with the temperature above the critical zone. For carbon steel, the temperature ranges from 750 ° C to 950 ° C. The piece remains at this temperature for the time needed to transform into austenite. The part removed from the oven is dipped in water only. (It is worth remembering that the process of cooling in water is for low and medium carbon steels, the part can also be cooled in oil or forced air). The temperature drops from approximately 850 ° C to 20 ° C. When the austenite is cooled rapidly, there is no time for it to become ferrite, cementite or perlite. Austenite will become a new constituent of steel called martensite.

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