Duraço has reliable and nationally recognised quality heat treatment products for the areas of mechanical, aerospace, special tools, aeronautics and metal heat treatment in general.


Duro Carbon is a granulated actvitade carbon used for carburizing and case hardening. Our product can be used in the common carbon processe or in the high, medium and low alloyed steel, ensuring optimal management the depth of carbonation.

It is important to note that Duro Carbon has two variations:

GRANULATED 300 with a diameter  around 4.5 to 5.5 mm and recommended for machining with chromium-nickel steels and for the processing of low carbon steels when a high carbonation depth between 1.8 and 2.5mm is required .

DURO CARBON 310 with diameter close to 3.5mm and destined to the work of carbon steels, low alloys, chrome-manganese and chrome-nickel with depths less than 0,6mm.


DURO CARBON – 300 is a product created by Duraco do Brasil, being extremely versatile and developed with differentiated chemical agents.

This combination has become a preventive, efficient and economical way to avoid oxidation and decarburization in parts subject to short- and long-cycle heat treatments.

The product is mainly intended for the protection of steel parts, alloys and cast iron, which must undergo heat tempering treatments, stress relief, normalization, full annealing and spheroidization. In this way, the objective is to ensure the excellence procedures and to provide the desired characteristics.


The Duraco K-20 granulate is an intense nitriding agent in the pack, which makes use of the traditional procedure of heat treatment in the solid medium. But this is a unique product since its manufacture was entirely made in Brazil.

Our product is strongly recommended for the processing of steels and tools for hot and cold working, mechanical steels, fast steels, nodular cast iron, mechanical steels, sintered steels and other alloys containing chromium, molybdenum and aluminium in composition.

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