Duraço do Brasil

About us

Duraço do Brasil Granulados has a Strong presence in the national and international Market, offering excellent raw materials for heat treatment in general. The company has customers of all sizes spread throughout Latin America.


Duraço has as a guideline to commercially sustainable products, combining high quality at a competitive price.

The permanent inspection and monitoring of our production process ensure the provision of proven products that meet all the Customer needs.

Nowadays, Duraço do Brasil Granulados has a reliable product line covering the processes of Carburizing, Case Hardening, Anti-decarburising and Tempering, Annealing, Tension Relief, Spheroidization and Standardization.

Our product line is used in the most diverse segments, from metal mechanics to aeronautics and aerospace, through mining, special tools, moulds and dies, machine manufacturers, heat treatment of metals. (Among others)

The use of the Duraço do Brasil Granulates, added to the vast knowledge and technical support in thermal treatment, undoubtedly offers a reliable, sustainable solution and aligned with the latest innovations of the sector, meeting all the expectations of our consumer market.


Duraço do Brasil Granulados has consolidated its position on the national scene and has been gaining more and more projection in the international arena, focusing since its foundation on the six institutional pillars: quality, partnership, sustainability, innovation, respect and effectiveness.

Our Values

  • Quality;
  • Partnership;
  • Inovation;
  • Efficiency;
  • Respect;
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